One Day event dedicated to Earth Observation, focused on how space technology can benefit the Earth?
The data collected from Satellite observation is used today for weather prediction, climate forecasting, agriculture production and environmental management to name a few.

A few Key Figures

  • +99%* of accurate weather forecasts come from Space
  • Quality of solar energy forecasts can be improved by 30%* using Space technology
  • Satellites help stop illegal logging, illegal fishing and illegal wildlife trade that account for more than 73 B$* per year

*Source: World Economic Forum

SPACE4EARTH is linking the Key accounts interested in Earth observational data along with major suppliers from the Space Industry.

Main topics


  • Weather forecasting
  • Landscape monitoring
  • Positioning, navigation
  • Biotechnologies
  • Environment


  • Oil and Gas monitoring
  • Preventing storms and natural disasters
  • Forestry management
  • Biosystems & Ecosystems management

Green Energy

  • Biomass
  • Wind
  • Marine energy
  • Solar energy
  • Geothermal energy

Main solutions and technologies offered

Artificial Intelligence Big Data Blockchain Cloud / Software-as-a-service Collaborative platform / Marketplace Drones, robotics Embedded systems Free or open source software Mobile application Testing and diagnosis, analysis and metrology

They are participating

Would you like to participate?

Program for JUNE 22nd



"3 days of ONE-TO-ONE Online meetings dedicated
to Earth, Mobility and Telecom in the Space industry"

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