"3 days of ONE-TO-ONE Online meetings dedicated
to Earth, Mobility and Telecom in the Space industry"

How it works

The event dedicated to Earth, Mobility and Telecom in the Space Industry will take place online

It's simple... It’s your choice!

As an Event organizer dedicated to Technologies; We Lead by Example!

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In order to allow you to attend the Online event, we have chosen the Vimeet technology platform: The Leader in event dematerialization.

SPACE4 pros:

  • A limited and controlled investment
  • Real pre-scheduled qualified meetings, with the people you have selected
  • No logistics… No travel: No changes in your daily life!
  • A very promising ROI
  • A respected private and professional life policy
  • Participation is open to Everyone, even at the last minute


We guarantee:

90% of your meetings are organized beforehand!

  • An access to all participants to the event, thanks to our online networking tools
    (general chat, private chat, one2one vision).
  • Access to all conferences, round tables and pitches, thanks to our live streaming sessions.
  • Qualified and pre-scheduled business meetings.
  • All participants are welcome!

A Secure and Safe Event offering an immersive and enriching experience!

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We innovate every year in order to disrupt the business of connecting people and targeted content by using all the channels at our disposal in a complementary way: physical events, hybrids, satellites, dematerialized and one2one connecting platforms. Everything we invent is relevant and stems from our organizational experience.

What we think

B2B communities no longer operate in vertical silos. Cross-sector fertilization is the new driver of innovation and therefore growth. We build communities by themes and subjects of interest by offering them throughout the year short or longer, physical, hybrid or dematerialized formats. A community is characterized not only by a common center of interest, but also by recurring meetings throughout the year in different formats.

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We are both organizers of premium B2B events and creators of platforms with new functionalities. We invent and set standards to help you innovate and stay ahead of the game for your market and your communities.

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